The Pitmaster

Jay Tinney has had a love for cooking since hIs college days at Texas Tech University. He found out early on that if he was going to enjoy home cooked meals, he was going to have to figure out a way to cook for himself. He enjoyed finding the right ingredients to make a dish taste even better than the original recipe whether it be macaroni and cheese or a grilled steak. Through the years, he has always been known for entertaining friends and family with his individual flair in all of the food he serves at his table.

In 2004, Jay started to follow his passion for cooking by entering barbecue competitions all over the state. In his first sanctioned competition in Taylor, Texas, he brought home a 5th place ribs award with over 100 entries. After that day, the excitement began. Jay frequents cook-offs all over the state and continues to bring home awards.

Through all of this, Jay started brainstorming how to bring this competition style barbecue to the public. He wanted the experience to be as unique as his barbecue. Jay realized that in order to do this, he needed to build a state of the art barbecue trailer. He spent over 6 months designing his trademark trailer complete with a Southern Pride rotisserie that can hold up to 30 briskets. Many clients have remarked what a wonderful addition it is to their event.

Whether Jay is cooking for himself, his family, friends or clients, he has always taken the extra time to go the extra mile by finding that perfect combination of ingredients to make the meal mouth-watering. Hand selected meats, vegetables, wood selection and every aspect of the cooking experience is approached with a careful eye to guarantee excellence every time. Jay has always felt that a true pitmaster is one who has mastered their technique with consistency and is able to cook anywhere, anytime on any grill or smoker.